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Workbook & Study Guide (With CliffsNotes)


This self-paced on-line accredited course will take you through the fundamentals of commercial door hardware, and required knowledge of understanding the practices of selecting door hardware items that satisfies a doors operational requirement, including proven troubleshooting techniques.
At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:
• Determine the hardware and maintenance needs for six of the most common door arrangements:
• Labeled, Single & Pair of doors
• Exterior, Single & Pair of doors
• Interior, Single and Pair of doors
• Pick the correct hardware based on the doors operation, and stated hardware requirements.
• Identify the doors swing & location from a partial floor plan.

The course includes a student workbook, that incorporates CliffsNotes for each of the six door arrangements. There is an on-line quiz included, it’s available to anyone who would like to receive a Certificate of Achievement.

The Door and Hardware Institute has issued 18-CEP credits for the successful completion of this course when a Certificate of Achievement is submitted.

The books “Door Hardware Simplified”, and “Installing Door Hardware Simplified” are the sources for this course but not required.

This course was developed by Lee A. Garver DAHC, FDHI.
For the affordable price of just $49.95 you will get a PDF copy of the workbook & study guide with CliffsNotes and the link to the quiz.

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The Books

Door Hardware Simplified

Door Hardware Simplified has been written for individuals who would like to learn more about basic door hardware and its application...
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Installing Door Hardware Simplified

Simplifying the Installation of Commercial Door hardware!
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