Door Hardware Technician

Door Hardware Technician

Lee A. Garver DAHC, FDHI

A Door Hardware Technician is a person who must have the technical knowledge necessary to service, maintain and install all of the different components of commercial door hardware.

For a  person to be recognized as a door hardware technician he or she must have a thorough understanding of all the different pieces of door hardware.

Finding training for this designation can be difficult; one source is the specific manufacturer of the hardware item itself.  Typically the manufacturer can offer all the necessary technical information regarding their product; however a Door Hardware Technician must have the knowledge of an individual hardware item plus all of the commercial door hardware items that are installed on the door itself.  Generally speaking each individual hardware item when installed on a door serves a unique function to a door assembly.  A swinging door assembly will most likely include the door frame, the door, hinges, locking mechanism, door closer, stop, protection plates and miscellaneous items.  Each individual item plays an important role in the  successful operation of a door assembly, therefore a door hardware technician must have the knowledge of not only each item separately, but have the knowledge of the entire door assembly and its proper functionality.

Door Hardware Simplified; the book, was written for individuals who would like to learn more about basic commercial door hardware;  and its application, the selection process of each piece of door hardware – including basic helpful hints regarding the care and preventative maintenance for each piece of commercial door hardware.

In addition to the 12 dedicated pages titled “Doorware Care”, a quick tip matrix has been included in Door Hardware Simplified organizing the most common problems associated with commercial door hardware problematic conditions with the most common solution, including specific quick tips that can resolve each issue.  Pointed out throughout the book is the fact that the most common problem associated with commercial door hardware is the direct result of improper installation and that manufacturer’s installation sheets were not followed.

The number one non-hardware related condition that affects door hardware and is the direct result of commercial door hardware failure, is the door frame condition.  If the door frame is not square or plumb it can contribute to;

The door not closing

The door is binding

The door not closing and latching properly

Difficulty in retracting the locks latchbolt

The locks latchbolt either hangs up on the strike or doesn’t engage fully into the strike plate.

Latchbolt alignment with the strike plate

If the door frame is square and plumb the next condition to check would be the fasteners of each piece of door hardware that is installed on the door, are they tight and are they the manufacturer’s original fasteners?  It is not uncommon for fasteners to loosen up; it can be the result of vibration and door usage.  Over tightened fasteners can contribute to the door not latching, difficulty in retracting the latchbolt and even preventing the latchbolt of a lockset from fully engaging into the strike plate.

There are a number of conditions that can cause door hardware failure or problems for a door assembly when there is a door closer on it.  A door closer is designed to close the door every time the door opens, unless it incorporates a feature that holds it open.  If a door closer is installed incorrectly and not in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation sheet or if the door closer is not sized correctly it will affect other door hardware installed on the door.  A door closer when installed properly and sized appropriately will ensure a smooth and positive closing and latching cycle for which it was intended to do.  A door closer that is not adjusted properly will affect the door not closing properly, door latching and overall performance of the assembly.

A great deal of effort was made to incorporate Doorware Care in Door Hardware Simplified to simplify the task of troubleshooting a door assembly that is not functioning as intended.  This article only touches on some of the most common problems so please visit and get your copy of the quick tips so you can be proficient in detecting a common problem associated with commercial door hardware and its application.

Copyright © 2013, 2014 Lee A. Garver

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