Door Hardware Training

Door Hardware Training

Lee A. Garver DAHC, FDHI

Door Hardware Training has become essential and crucial to anyone trying to select or maintain a door assembly that has commercial door hardware installed on it.  Included in a door assembly is the door frame, door and all the necessary door hardware and the components required to properly operate the door assembly as intended.

Door hardware for commercial applications has seen many changes recently stemming from; new building life safety codes, fire door inspection requirements and government regulations which have drastically affected what type of commercial hardware is selected and the performance of it.

The book Door Hardware Simplified authored by Lee A. Garver DAHC, FDHI was written to be recognized as a resource reference for individuals who would like to learn more about basic commercial door hardware and who are interested in continuing their education to include a recognized credential from one of the industry organizations that specializes in door hardware and the many components that are a part of it.

Door hardware training can come in many forms.  It can come directly from a manufacturer or an industry organization such as, Door and Hardware Institute or the Associated Locksmiths of America or as it is now referred to as ALOA Security Professionals Association.  In any form, it is imperative for anyone that comes in contact with commercial door hardware to become completely knowledgeable in the selection process of door hardware and the unique technical aspects of the maintenance and servicing of it.

The Door and Hardware institute is a membership organization that offers its members specific credentials such as; AHC – Architectural Hardware Consultant, CDC – Certified Door Consultants, EHC – Electrified Hardware Consultant.  When a person achieves all three certifications he/she is automatically awarded the AOC credential which identifies them as an Architectural Openings Consultant.  Education from Door and Hardware Institute is delivered either through online continuing education or via instructor led sessions during one of their mega schools which is delivered by industry volunteer instructors.

ALOA Security Professionals Association is also a membership organization which offers a number of recognized credentials that relate to the locksmithing professional; they are, CRL – Certified Registered Locksmith and CML – Certified Master Locksmith. ALOA offers other areas of training and certification and they are delivered by CAI – Certified ALOA Instructors.  These certified instructors must complete a professional training session and are required to be approved by ALOA before becoming an instructor for any of their certified courses.

Any form of commercial door hardware training must, at a minimum be comprised of the complete understanding of each piece of door hardware that together allows the door to function properly, meeting all regulatory and operational functions of the opening.

Currently a Door Hardware Technician doesn’t have a dedicated curriculum or a recognized certification, but it is this authors opinion that a person who has an industry credential from Door and Hardware Institute or ALOA Security Professional Association, and one that continues to participate in continuing educational programs offered by leading door hardware manufacturers, is a perfect candidate to be recognized as one.

One aspect that must be included in this article is the recent initiative by various states, of the requirement of a commercial door hardware service person to be licensed.   Any individual who services, adjusts or installs door hardware must be licensed by that state.  This also comes at a time where all fire door assemblies must be inspected annually by an individual who is knowledgeable of door hardware, or who has completed one of the many certified fire door inspection programs that are available.

A person who is considered a door hardware technician, or who wants to be recognized as a door hardware technician, must be a person who continues to seek out any type of door hardware training and achieve all possible certifications relating to door hardware.  They must also be aware of the regulatory requirements of the state for which they service door hardware.

Door Hardware Simplified offers the door hardware technician a complete overview of basic commercial door hardware and should be considered as the go-to resource manual for any of the training necessary to be recognized as a Door Hardware Technician.

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